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Questionnaires' Reporting: Raw Data


The last part of Reporting section is the Raw Data Table.

The rows of the Raw Data refer to any information related to a completed questionnaire (questionnaire & respondent metadata, responses).

From raw data page, you are able to create dynamic editable boards, export data and import data in order to use them as you wish (e.g reporting purposes)

To create a data table. click on the gear to select what data you want to display.


From the new window, you can edit the raw data visualization.

First column (Select): Click on the box to select the data you want to display

Second Column (Data): The name of the data. This column is consisted of all the questionnaire questions, the application metadata and any other information is related to the respondent and the questionnaire (campaign is displayed to the customer, segment(s) the customer belongs to) 

Third Column (Type): The type of the data. There are 5 different type of data: Question, Questionnaire Metadata, Respondent Metadata, Segments, Marketing Campaigns

Fourth Column (Re-order): Set the order the data would be displayed. 

Do not forget to click Save at the end of the page, when you complete editing.

After saving, you are granted to export the table you created above!

Click on the Export Data Button as it is displayed below, and select in which file type the data would be exported! 


The available types are: 


If you want to add/remove a data from the table, then you just click on the gear button and you can edit the table!  

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