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Questionnaires Reporting: Raw Data



For each Questionnaire you have access to the raw response data.

NOTE: In this section you can only see the Questionnaires that have at least one response.

Raw Data Configuration

From raw data page, you are able to create dynamic editable boards, export data and import data in order to use them as you wish (e.g reporting purposes):


Step 1: Select the data you want to see

First, you have to select the columns/data that you want to see for each Questionnaire Instance. Simply click on the edit button on the top right corner of the panel and the following dialog will appear:

You can select which columns you want to appear by selecting them using the left checkboxes.

You can also re-order the columns in the order you want them to appear in the table.

Step 2: Click Save

You should be able to see the data now:


You can always look into the past to see data days or months ago by choosing the right date range from the date picker on the top right corner.

Add Tags

You can add tags on each questionnaire instance so that you can connect the instance with a set of specific words.

NOTE: Tags can be only words, not sentences.

By clicking on the "Add Tag" button on the right, you can add new tags or select existing ones (from other instances or questionnaires).

Questionnaire Instance Details

At any moment you can see the full details of a questionnaire by clicking on the details button on the right side of each list item:


And see all the details:

Delete a Questionnaire Instance

During tests you might generate data that need clean-up. You can click on the ❌ button on the right side of the list item:


And confirming on the prompt dialog:

NOTE: This action cannot be undone.

Export Data

You can always export all your data by clicking on the "Export Data" button on the top right corner. On export you will be asked the format of the file and the data that you want to be included for each instance.

NOTE: All the data of the selected date range will be exported.

Import Data

Finally, you can import data from other sources into e-satisfaction using CSV files. Simply click on the "Import Data" button on the top right corner of the panel and import the file in the displayed dialog.

File Format

The file should include different columns for responses and metadata for each instance. Each row should represent an instance. Here are the supported columns:

Column Description

Represents the question with id QUESTION_ID.

Example: question.asdfqwe34erw


Represents a responder metadata.

Example: metadata.responer.gender


Represents a responder metadata.

Example: metadata.questionnaire.gender

Example csv:


You can also use the extra columns the questionnaire instances have to make sure your data are considered created when they have to. In more detail, we support the following columns:

Column Description

When the instance created.

Example: 2020-02-23T13:50:00+03:00


When the instance last updated.

Example: 2020-02-23T13:55:00+03:00


When the instance submitted with responses.

Example: 2020-02-23T13:55:00+03:00


When the instance was viewed by the user.

Example: 2020-02-23T13:53:00+03:00


When the instance was completed.

Example: 2020-02-23T13:55:00+03:00

Example csv:

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