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In this article you will be able to customize your questionnaire's thank you page, as it appears to your end-users.

NOTE: You have to have the "Custom Questionnaire Theme" feature enabled in your Application Plan.

Thank You Page

Thank you Page is the page (or HTML content to be clear) that appears to your users after they complete a Questionnaire.

The default thank you page is the below:

You can freely edit the Thank you Page, in order to create a personalized and branded Thank you Message for your customers!

NOTE: Each Questionnaire has its own Theme and Thank you Page.

Editing your Thank you Page

The dashboard provides a fully functional HTML Editor for you to customize the Questionnaire's Thank you Page. For this reason, you can use HTML to create:

  1. Simple Text
  2. Image
  3. Text & Image
  4. Full HTML

Go to your Questionnaire's Look n Feel Customization and edit your Thank you Page:

Simple Text

You can write your own message:


You can insert any image by clicking on the proper button on the HTML Editor:

Subsequently, you select the image you want to use:

You can either upload an image or insert an image using a URL:

And Preview:

Image and Text

When you use as a thank you page a text and an image, then you actually combine the above cases.

Regarding the order you want to set the image and the text, you take the relative actions. For example, you want the text to be next to the image or above. It depends on your creativity how the image and text would be placed.

The image could be just your logo:


So far we have seen that you can add custom text or image into your Thank you Page. Basically it's HTML with a little bit of styling.

HTML Editor provides a mode for inserting pure HTML:

Go ahead and paste your HTML:

Click again on the Code View button to verify that the HTML page is uploaded properly, and then press Save:

Thank you Page Preview

At any moment, you can click on the "Preview Button" and check how your Thank you Page looks like:

In both desktop and mobile modes:

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