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Custom Thank you Page


When a customer completes a questionnaire, the e-satisfaction default thank you page is displayed to them! 

The default thank you page is the below: 


The thank you page is editable, in order to be able to create a branding personalized Thank you Message for your customers! 

The thank you page is unique per questionnaire. That means that you should edit the thank you page per questionnaire and consequently you can create different thank you messages per customer stage (after sales, checkout or browse)  

How to edit the thank you page?

There are different available types of thank you page you may use. The supported types are the following :

1. Text 

2. Image 


4. Text & Image

After deciding the type of thank you page, select a questionnaire from the home page and go to the Look n Feel Customization page from the left. 


At the end of this page, you can edit the default thank you page.


Case #1: Thank you page (Text)

Supposing that you want to insert a text as a thank you message. 

Then, you go to Look n Feel page, and at the box of the Thank you Page you write the message you want to be displayed to your customers after completing the Questionnaire.


Press save, and click on the preview button to view how the message is displayed! 


Case #2: Thank you page (Ιmage) 

Supposing that you want to add an image as thank you page, then from the tool line you click on the button Picture


Subsequently, you select the image you want to use!


You can either upload an image or insert an image using a URL. 


After saving the image, click on the preview button to check how the image is displayed. 


The suggested dimensions are: 300x400 px (widthxheight)

Case #3: Thank you page (Ιmage & Text) 

When you use as a thank you page a text and an image, then you actually combine the above cases. 

Regarding the order you want to set the image and the text, you take the relative actions. For example, you want the text to be next to the image or above. It depends on your creativity how the image and text would be placed.

The image could be just your logo! 

After inserting the image and the text, click Save and click again the Preview button to view how the thank you page is displayed.

Case #4: Thank you page ( HTML) 

Another way to edit the thank you page is to create a HTML page! 

The HTML page may have a call to action button like inviting your customers to follow you on social media!


1. To insert the HTML page, you select from the tool line the Code view button: 


2. Paste the HTML code at the blank box below: 


3. Click again on the Code View button to verify that the HTML page is uploaded properly, and then press Save. 


You can choose which thank you page applies more to your needs and surprise your customers with innovative thank you messages! 

Every interaction with your customers is priceless! So, create wisely! 🎉


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