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Custom Questionnaire


Either you are an omnichannel type business and you want to create your own survey or you are a custom type business, both you need to create a questionnaire from the scratch. 

To create a questionnaire, you select the feedback page from the left and press the button "Create New". 


A questionnaire is consisted of two parts: 

a. The title and the subtitle of questionnaire

b. The main body (questions/group of questions) 


So, let's analyze each of those parts.

Title & Subtitle of Questionnaire

On click, the Create New button leads you to a new window (see below):


#1: The first thing to fill in is the Display Name.

The display name is used internally (the end user = customer does not see it) and it should reflect the purpose of the questionnaire.

For instance you have updated your website and you need your customers opinion. Therefore you create a custom questionnaire which will be distributed to your customers in order to evaluate the website browsing. The display name could be "New Website Evaluation"

#2: The next required field is the days the questionnaire could be completed since created. A recipient may open the questionnaire link, but he/she did not complete it. Then by setting the valid days, you can allow to the recipient to complete the questionnaire after x days after the questionnaire is sent.

#3 The editable button allows to a customer to edit the responses after the questionnaire is submitted. 

#4 The title is displayed to the customer and it is on the top of the questionnaire. The title we use for our default questionnaires is: "30 seconds to make us better! " 

#5 The subtitle is the last filed. It is an optional field, so it is at your disposal if you fill in the subtitle or not. Keep in mind that the subtitle is not displayed when the questionnaire is viewed by mobile.

Regarding the example we use, here you may describe the purpose of the survey or to encourage your customers to fill in the survey by offering a coupon or discount! Regarding our example, the subtitle could be: "We are really pleased to announce the launch of our new website. Please take a minute to fill in the survey, and let us know your impression! Thank you so much! "


Main Body - Questions & Groups  

On save, you are by default directed to the questionnaire profile page

To start building the main body, you should select the Content Customization from the left. 


From the content customization page, you are able to create your own questions and inquiry whatever you care from your customers.


The first step is to create groups for your questions. You can create just one group, which will contain all the questions. Or in case you want to have grid questions, then you should create more than one groups.

Grid Questions Explanation

The grid question type has been designed to allow you to combine several questions in one section. This means that you could, for example, combine a multiple choice question and a free text question together into one grid. 

An example of grid questions is the following: 


An important note is that the grid questions do not allow you to include statement text at the right hand side of the grid.


Custom Questionnaire without Grid Questions: 

When you create a questionnaire without grid questions then you will need one group.

Press the New Group Button, and then you will be requested to fill in the Group Basic Details. 


Title: The title is used internally, so you may use a typical title like Group 1

Grid Button: Given that the questionnaire would not have grid questions, then the button would be off.

Number of Questions: In this box you will fill in the number of questions, the questionnaire would composed of. 

Click save to continue the process.

As you will see the group has been created, and now you are able to start adding questions. 


Click on the "Add new Question Question" Button, to create questions. 

Guideline on how you can create a custom question you will find here: Create Custom Questions Guidelines


Custom Questionnaire with Grid Questions: 

In case you want to add a group with one or more grid questions, then similarly to the previous process you click on Add New Group and complete the required fields. 

Title: The title will be the core question that will be displayed to your customer 

Grid Button: turn on the Grid Button


The questions of this groups would be actually the statements/factors the respondent will evaluate from 1 to 10. 

Now that you have created all the questions click on the preview button to check if the questionnaire applies to your requirements. 



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