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Add Jumps to a questionnaire


Given that customers may have different experiences, jumps allow you to track and receive feedback from each & every buyer experience.

For instance, you may offer a great variety of payment methods or shipping methods.With the use of jump questions, you are able to ask different things regarding the response of each customer and gather more information about the customer buying journey. 

Jumps help you to create flexible and adaptable questionnaires. 

To add a jump, you need to select the question whose response is the condition of the jump, and then select the question to which the respondent would be redirected. 


Step 1: Go to the questionnaire content customization page, and click on the question would be the refer point. 


Step 2: Click on the Add new jump and complete the necessary information 


Target Question: Select the question to which the customer would be redirected if the condition is valid. 

Condition: The condition is referred to the question you want to add the jump, and not to the target question. 

According to the question type, you should select the proper comparison.

a. Rating questions 

If the responses of the questions is on a scale of 1-10, then typical comparisons are the following: less, less than, greater, greater than, equal 

You select the proper comparison symbol, and in the value box you fill in the relative number. 

Example: If you want to add a jump question in case of a customer evaluates the easy of use less than 6, then the comparison and the value box would be like the following picture: 


b. Multiple Choices or Single Selection Questions 

The usual comparisons for multiple choices and single selection questions are the following: equal or not equal

Note: In the value box, you need to be careful because you do not need to write down the text of the available answer but the number of the answer.

Example: You want to add a jump for the question, "Would you buy again from our e-shop" 


The available values are 1 (yes) or 2 (no) . 


c. Open text questions

When you create a jump to an open text question then the comparisons symbols you can use are: " Contains " , not contain 

In the value box the permitted value is blank. The comparison cannot detect a word or an expression, that's why we suggest to leave it blank. 

By the time you have set up the comparison, you press Save. The jump has been created! 🎉

You can verify that you have added the jump properly by preview button! 



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