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Questionnaire Jumps



This article will guide you through the process of setting up Questionnaire Jumps to allow your customers a more customized questionnaire based on their responses.


With the use of jump questions, you are able to ask different things regarding the response of each customer and gather more information about the customer buying journey.

One question might have multiple jumps based on the number of possible responses.

Jumps help you to create flexible and adaptable questionnaires. 

To add a jump, you need to select the question whose response is the condition of the jump, and then select the question to which the user would be redirected, under the selected conditions:

And clicking on the "Add New Jump":

How Jumps Work

Usually, a Questionnaire is displayed in full to an end-user, except for the cases where it is marked as "Collapsed on Desktop" (more on Questionnaire Basic Settings).

Whenever a question has a jump, the questionnaire will be displayed up until this question and will "wait" for the user's response to display the rest, based on the response value.

Target Question

Target question is the question where the user will "jump" if the conditions of the jump match.

NOTE: The target question should be AFTER the selected question.


Each jump can have 0 or more conditions for the jump to happen, as follows:

  • No conditions: The questionnaire will keep on displaying questions from the target question and on.
  • With conditions: The questionnaire will hide all the rest of the questions and display from the target question on response.

Condition Comparison Criteria

Each jump might have multiple conditions with different Comparison Criteria.


If you want to add a jump in a rating question if they response less than 6, then the comparison and the value box would look like the following picture:

Condition Values

In the value box, you need to be careful because you do not need to write down the text of the available answer but the value of the answer.


You want to add a jump for the question, "Would you buy again from our e-shop" 

The available values are 1 (yes) or 2 (no).



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