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Questionnaires Reporting: Comments



A comment is a response of every open text question of a questionnaire. You can view all the comments you have collected at the Questionnaire Comments Section:



Create a Visual

You can see comments for different questions of your questionnaire in different panels. You simply have to create a panel first. Click on the "Add New Comment Visual" and fill select the question you need:


On save you should be able to see your comments for the selected question:


You can always look into the past to see data days or months ago by choosing the right date range from the date picker on the top right corner.

Add Tags

You can add tags on each questionnaire instance so that you can connect the instance with a set of specific words.

NOTE: Tags can be only words, not sentences.

By clicking on the "Add Tag" button on the right, you can add new tags or select existing ones (from other instances or questionnaires).

Questionnaire Instance Details

At any moment you can see the full details of a questionnaire by clicking on the details button on the right side of each list item, similar to the Questionnaire Raw Data.

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