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Questionnaires' Reporting: Comments


A comment is actually the response of every open text question of a questionnaire.

Regarding the omnichannel questionnaire templates, there is by default a standard open text question: " Tell us something you want us to know. "

You can view all the comments you have collected at Comments page per questionnaire.

The process is so easy!

You go to the [1] Feedback Page ->[2] Select a Questionnaire (e.g Browse) -> [3] Click on Comments from the left menu list -> [4] Add a new Comment Chart (the very first time you visit this page you need to create the chart)


- Step 1: Click on " Add a new Comment Chart" Button 


- Step 2: Save a new Comment Chart 


- Step 3: Learn what your customers think about your customer service 😄 


You can create as many comment visuals as the number of open text questions! 

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