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The e-satisfaction platform ensures that every interaction with your customers (offline & online) is used in order to increase your customer loyalty and boost your brand awareness. At e-satisfaction we have created the Store Review campaign in order to use the positive voice of your happy customers to attract more new customers.

With the activation of the Store Review Campaign, we enable you to detect the happy customers who completed a purchase of your physical stores or they have chosen to receive their online order from your store (store pick up) and motivate them to share a review to google place, facebook store page, etc! 

This campaign is suggested mainly for businesses who own many physical stores, and they want to create customer segments based on the condition: store_id. Meaning that, the customer is asked to evaluate the store he/she made the purchase. 

How it works

A customer completes a purchase directly from your physical store. After leaving the store, the customer receives a message, asking them to evaluate their buying experience. 

Regarding the profile of the customer (happy/unhappy, promoter/detractor) you can activate a relative marketing campaign which will be displayed when the questionnaire is completed. In this case, you can display the Store Review campaign to the happy customers and raise the positive reviews for your store:

Content - Basic Settings

Google Place Review is similar to Image Display Campaign, with the extra functionality to apply different target url based on the given store id. You should be able to set all of them from the "Content" section of the campaign page:


Upload any image you think it's best for your users.

You can upload a separate image for mobile in case you want to be more friendly to your users visiting from a mobile device.

If you skip uploading mobile image, keep in mind that all the visuals are mobile responsive, but to ensure that the text message and the dimensions of the visuals would not be affected by the mobile device we suggest to create visuals with the following:

  • Suggested dimensions: 600x450px (height x width)
  • Suggested dimensions for mobile images: 410x550px (height x width)
  • Suggested size: 150 KB 
  • Supported image types: png, jpg, gif

💡 Tip: Add a button to your banner to make it clear for your customer that they can click on the image and visit another page

Default Target Url

Allow the users to click on the image and go to a different page to rate your Google Place. Type in your target url in the form field accordingly.

This url should be the default url if the given store id does not exist in the list of ids that you will provide.

Content - Store Urls

You can define different target urls for your different stores. All we need is to create the store_id - target url mapping in the following panel, like the example:

You can create any pair of values by simply clicking on the "Create New" button on the top right corner of the panel, and the following dialog will be displayed:

Store Id

In order for this Campaign to work right, you should include the store_id when you Push Metadata to the Questionnaire. Store Id is a global metadata that you can find in your Application Questionnaire Metadata page.

NOTE: The presence of the store_id as metadata is not a condition for displaying the campaign. The campaign will still be displayed to the user and the default target url will be used.

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