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Store Review - Content Settings


You have created your Store Review Campaign, so the next step is to set up the content. 

Go to the Campaigns Overview and select the Campaign you have created from the section "My Campaigns".  


At the new window, click on the Content Button. 


From this page you need to Upload the Visual your marketing team has prepared and insert the target URL. 

As target URL is defined the page in which the customer would be directed since he/she clicked on the visual

Important note: During the integration process, it is essential for the activation of Store Review Campaign to create the variable %{store_id}. Store_ id is another metadata you can use in order to create customer segments per store. 

So, since you ensure that you push the store_id when a questionnaire is submitted, then you can create as many variables as the stores are available to your customers. 

Click on create new button, and fill in the required information about the code of store id, and the store URL. 





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