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Probability of Custom Questions


At e-satisfaction dashboard, you are granted to add more than one custom questions to the questionnaire template. However, every time one custom question would be displayed to your customer.  

So, how do we select which question would be displayed?

The answer is simple. You select which question would be displayed by setting the appearance probability per custom question. 

Supposing that you have created your custom questions (and the optional custom question is more than one). Then you have the choice to set the probability of the questions you have added.

Important Note: The probability button is referred only to optional questions

The probability button shows up only if the optional button is on. 

You can either select one of the preset percentage: 

or select Custom and fill in the probability of the question. 

The probability percentage should sum up to 100%. 

By setting the probability, you take the control of the custom question appearance per questionnaire!

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