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Store Review Campaign - Basic Information



The e-satisfaction platform ensures that every interaction with your customers (offline & online) is used in order to increase your customer loyalty and boost your brand awareness. At e-satisfaction we have created the Store Review campaign in order to use the positive voice of your happy customers to attract more new customers.

With the activation of the Store Review Campaign, we enable you to detect the happy customers who completed a purchase of your physical stores or they have chosen to receive their online order from your store (store pick up) and motivate them to share a review to google place, facebook store page, etc! 

This campaign is suggested mainly for businesses who own many physical stores, and they want to create customer segments based on the condition: store_id. Meaning that, the customer is asked to evaluate the store he/she made the purchase. 

How it works

A customer completes a purchase directly from your physical store. After leaving the store, the customer receives a message, asking them to evaluate their buying experience. 

Regarding the profile of the customer (happy/unhappy, promoter/detractor) you can activate a relative marketing campaign which will be displayed when the questionnaire is completed. In this case, you can display the Store Review campaign to the happy customers and raise the positive reviews for your store. 


Before creating and launching your own Store Review campaign, you need to create the visual would be displayed to your customer. 

Suggested Dimensions: 650x500px (widthxheight)

Supported Files: Png, jpeg, GIF

Important Note: Although the visual is entirely clickable, we suggest to create a distinctive Call to Action button in order to be clear to the customer that this Visual is associated with an action. 

Set up the Store Review Campaign

Select the Campaign type and the segment you want to target, by following the guide here: How to create a Marketing Campaign 

Upload the visual to your campaign settings, and start using Image Display campaign to inform your customers about anything you want!  Follow the guide here: Content Settings

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