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Re-order Questions and Groups



This article will guide you through the process of re-ordering your questions and groups in order to create the best result for your questionnaire.

Re-order Your Content

You can easily change the questions & questionnaires' group display order from your dashboard! 

Go to Content Customization page, and per question or questionnaire group you will notice the reorder button on the right side of each panel. You can move either up or down the question or questionnaire group, in order to set up the order of the questions & questionnaire's groups as you wish!

Change Question Group

You can move a question inside a group and you can move a group in a questionnaire.

You can additionally move a question to a different group. For this to happen, you will have to edit the question settings and change the Question Group, as it appears in the following screenshot:

Moving a question to a different group automatically pushes it in the end, as last question. You can adjust it to your needs after that.

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