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Create your own alerts


Below you can find the process to create your own alerts. 

  1. Log in your dashboard
  2. Select and visit the Application Homepage 
  3. Select Alerts from the side bar (alerts are under the overview section)
  4. Select/Open the panel named "Monitors"
  5. Click Create New button and fill in the mandatory information 


Monitor Title: The monitor title should be informative and reflects what you watch.

For instance, if you want to get noticed when a customer leaves a new comment at after sales stage then the Monitor title could be: New Comment (Aftersales)

Questionnaire: There is a drop down list with available questionnaires (checkout, aftersales etc). Choose the questionnaire that the monitor would be corresponded.  

After selecting the questionnaire and monitor title, automatically the below window will appear to set the conditions of monitors.

Setting up the alert conditions 

Conditions are the most essential part of monitors. When a customer fulfill all the conditions, the monitor will be triggered. There are three types of conditions that work collectivelty (in a logical AND) when combined. 

  • Question: It is related to customers questionnaires' responses. 
  • Questionnaire Metadata: You can create a condition based on the questionnaire metadata such as country, channel etc .
  • Responder Metadata: Create an alert based on personal information of a customer.

Depending on the type of question, you can apply different operators in each condition. 

Question Type Comparison Operators Value 

Equal, greater than (or equal), less than (or equal)

Question values (1,2,3 etc) 

Open text

Equal, contains or empty

Word, phrase or just leave it empty

Single or Multiple selection 

Equals (only)

Values assigned to responses (i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc) 


Be careful not to select two or more mutual excluded conditions.

For example, if the possible answers to the question are Yes or No, then the value box would contain 1 in case the answer is Yes. Otherwise, it would contain 2. 

So, if you want to be noticed when a customer would not buy again from your e-shop, you select the questionnaire : After sales, choose the question:" would you buy again from our e-shop ", comparison: equal and at the value box you write 2 (meaning:No) 


Click save, and you are ready to collect monitors.

Triggering of a monitor 

Whenever a monitor is triggered, you will receive an email notification with all must-know information - which monitor was triggered and the conditions of the monitor ( CSAT, NPS etc). Find more info on how to trigger a monitor here.

Tracking alerts in a single Screen!

All alerts are aggregated in the Monitor Instances Panel, where you can 

  • view the monitor title, questionnaire is related to and the date was created  
  • mark a monitor as resolved 
  • get questionnaire instance details*

* Questionnaire instance details is consisted of questionnaire and responder's metadata in order to match the alert with the customer. 

Here you can find more information how to use questionnaire & responder metadeta 


By using monitors and alerts, you deep dive into your customers journey and you learn anything you should know to offer a unique customer experience to them. 

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