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An extra functionality that is supported by the e-satisfaction dashboard is creating custom Monitors and get notifications about them. With these monitors we expand the built-in Notification System of the platform and we get new notifications on custom events.


On each Application you can create a set of Monitors to watch specific events with conditions. You can find the Monitors selecting the "Alerts" section on the left sidebar:

What is a Monitor

Users can create monitors to get notifications when Questionnaire Responses meet a set of conditions. To create a monitor, click on the "Create New" button on the top right corner of the panel and the following dialog will be displayed:

After selecting your Questionnaire, you should be able to add a set of conditions:

You can define any number of conditions for your monitor. For the monitor to be activated, ALL conditions should be matched.


Each monitor can have 0 or more conditions for the monitor to be triggered. You can add conditions based on:

  • Question Responses
  • Metadata (Questionnaire and Responder)

Condition Comparison Criteria

Each monitor might have multiple conditions with different Comparison Criteria. This is a suggested comparison criteria assignment based on the Question Type:

Question Type Suggested Comparison Criteria Example Values
Rating Equal, greater than (or equal), less than (or equal) Question values (1,2,3 etc)
Open-text Equal, contains or empty Word, phrase or just leave it empty
Single/Multiple selection Equals (only) Values assigned to responses (i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc)

This is how a Monitor Condition could look like:

Template Monitors

When creating an Application using an Application Type other that Custom Business, you will get a set of Monitors already created for you. You can edit these monitors at any time.

Monitor Alerts

Read more about receiving Alerts for your monitors.

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