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An extra functionality that is supported by the e-satisfaction dashboard is creating custom Monitors and get notifications about them. With these monitors we expand the built-in Notification System of the platform and we get new notifications on custom events.


On each Application you can create a set of Monitors to watch specific events with conditions. You can find the Monitors selecting the "Alerts" section on the left sidebar:

What is a Monitor

Users can create monitors to get notifications when Questionnaire Responses meet a set of conditions. To create a monitor, click on the "Create New" button on the top right corner of the panel and the following dialog will be displayed:

After selecting your Questionnaire, you should be able to add a set of conditions:

You can define any number of conditions for your monitor. For the monitor to be activated, ALL conditions should be matched.


Each monitor can have 0 or more conditions for the monitor to be triggered. You can add conditions based on:

  • Question Responses
  • Metadata (Questionnaire and Responder)

Condition Comparison Criteria

Each monitor might have multiple conditions with different comparison criteria:

Criteria Description
Equal Equal to given value
Not Equal Not equal to the given value

When the value is empty.

It also works if the user does not provide at all.

Not Empty Value is not empty. Anything will work.
Greater than Greater than the given value.
Greater than or Equal Greater or equal with the given value.
Less than Less than the given value.
Less than or Equal Less or equal with the given value.

When the response contains the given value.

It works best with open-text questions.

The value must be contained fully in the response.

Regular Expression

You can use a regular expression to work with your responses.

It works best with open-text questions when you need more advanced values.

This is a suggested comparison criteria assignment based on the Question Type:

Question Type Suggested Comparison Criteria Example Values
Rating Equal, greater than (or equal), less than (or equal) Question values (1,2,3 etc)
Open-text Equal, contains or empty Word, phrase or just leave it empty
Single/Multiple selection Equals (only) Values assigned to responses (i.e. 1,2,3,4 etc)

This is how a Monitor Condition could look like:

Template Monitors

When creating an Application using an Application Type other that Custom Business, you will get a set of Monitors already created for you. You can edit these monitors at any time.

Monitor Alerts

Read more about receiving Alerts for your monitors.

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