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Getting Started

After reading all about e-satisfaction API and the authentication mechanism, this document should help you test the API before releasing it to your production.

Testing the API

At the moment there is no sandbox account to test the API and get dummy responses. You can freely create a sandbox account and test all the API endpoints freely. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Register to e-satisfaction dashboard
  2. Create an Application using any type that includes a list of questionnaires (e.g. Omnichannel)
  3. Go to your user profile and create a new token
    1. More on Creating a new token
  4. Explore the apiary documentation
  5. Call the Get all questionnaires endpoint
    1. You should receive all the questionnaires that you have access to

Using our SDK Libraries

You might want to check our list of SDK Libraries in case some of them match to your case and can help you use our APIs faster.

How to read our API

Read more on How to read our API.

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