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We love making things easy for you! This is why we are putting loads of effort to develop plugins, add-ons and modules for widely used platforms, which you can use to make integration an issue of a few clicks. 

In this article you can find how to integrate e-satisfaction.com on WooCommerce by using the WooCommerce add-on that our team developed for you to use.

Information Needed

Gather all the required data as pointed out in the Web Integration article, in the section "Information Needed".

Step 1: Preparation

Before you do anything else, you must find and download the correct add-on package, from the following link: https://github.com/esatisfaction/esat-wordpress

Step 2: Install

Follow the instructions inside the package to install the e-satisfaction plugin.

Step 3: Select Checkout questionnaire position

Go to your Checkout Distribution Settings in your e-satisfaction Application In the Questionnaire Position place the: #esatisfaction-checkout-questionnaire-container



Final check

After going through all these steps mentioned above, you should be up and running and the questionnaires should be displayed, collecting feedback from your customers. If you face any  issues in collection and you have cross checked that you completed the above mentioned steps correctly, please see these articles to make a quick troubleshooting. 

Of course we are always here to help and you can Submit a request or just using the chat box you see on the right.

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