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Creating a new token


Getting Started

This document will guide you through all the necessary steps in order to create a new token for your library and access all the endpoints needed.

Creating a new token

Creating a new token is as simple as making 3-4 clicks on the e-satisfaction dashboard. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your user profile
  2. On the last section Authentication Tokens click on the button "+ Create New"
  3. Type in all the necessary details:
    1. Title: just a title to recognize your token, if you are planning on having multiple
    2. Expiration time: pick a specific time in the future to allow your token to expire (optional)
    3. Scopes: Select a list of actions that the token should be able to perform


Once you create your token, you can see it in the list below. Simply click on the copy button on the right side of the token to copy the jwt and use it at will.

Token Scopes

Select your token scope actions carefully, as the scopes determine which parts of the API the token has access to.

If the token is for your personal use (or for a sandbox), you can simply select all the scope actions.

If the token is to be used to an external library or tool, you should select only the actions that the library or tool is willing to perform on the e-satisfaction API.

Updating Scopes

Due to the nature of jwts, once a token is created it cannot be altered. If you wish to add or remove scope actions from the token, you will have to invalidate the token and create a new one.

More on Invalidate a Token.


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