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Queue items are part of an asynchronous messaging queue that is responsible for dispatching messages to end-users.

You can add/edit and delete queue items at any moment in time.

Edit a Queue Item

Queue items have multiple statuses, as described in the Queue section. You can edit a queue item at any status, by clicking on the settings button on the right side of the item:

Clicking on the edit button you should see the following dialog:

From the above dialog you can edit:

  • Recipient (email or phone number)
  • Language
  • Send Date
  • Status

Cancel a Pending Item

To cancel a pending item, you can simply open the edit dialog and set the Status to "Cancel":

Re-send a queue item

You can also resend a queue item that had issues. If for example a queue item had a problem with the recipient info, fix the value and reset the item:

Delete a Queue Item

It is not recommended to delete a Queue Item, but you can cancel it using the edit functionality described above.

If, however, you are sure you want to delete items, read in the next section how to delete multiple items at once.

More Actions

You can read more about Bulk Edit and Bulk Delete Queue items.

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