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Campaigns: Performance



e-satisfaction tracks when a Campaign is displayed to the user and the user engages with it in real time.

Impressions, Actions and Engagement Rate

You can monitor your Campaign impressions, actions and the engagement rate of your customers with them by selecting "Statistics" on the left sidebar:

Historic Data

You can check your campaign data in the past by selecting the desired time period from the daterange picker on the top right corner of the page.


Impressions count how many times the campaign has been displayed to your users.


An action is considered a click or a submit of a Campaign.

There are campaigns where the user is asked to fill a form with some data. There are also campaigns where the user can simply click on an image and be redirected to a different url. e-satisfaction tracks this actions and reports them in the above panel.

NOTE: e-satisfaction cannot track actions on the social network campaigns such as Facebook and Instagram.

Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is calculated by the formula: Actions / Impressions

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