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Refer a Friend: Coupons



As described in a previous article, Refer a Friend Campaigns can have coupons to send offers to their users.

You should be able to manage your campaign coupons from the panel on the content section:


You can create coupons separately for referrer and referred but you will see them in a single list.

Each coupon has the following attributes:

Attribute Description

The coupon value.

For one-time coupons, you should probably use random values or the coupons generated by your system.

For reusable coupons, feel free to add any value you like.

Owner Can be referrer or referred

Whether the coupon can be sent to multiple users.

If false, once the coupon is used in a message, it is marked as used and it will not be used again.

Create a Coupon

To create a coupon, simply click on the "Create New" button on the top right corner of the panel, and the following dialog will be displayed:

Edit a Coupon

At any time you can enable or disable a coupon, simply by clicking on the edit button on the right side of each coupon:

Import Coupons

You can also import multiple coupons at once using a CSV file. Simply click on the "Import coupons" button on the top right corner of the panel, and the following dialog will be displayed:

CSV Format 

The CSV file should have the following columns:

Column Description
coupon The coupon value.
owner Can be referrer or referred.
reusable Whether the coupon can be sent to multiple users.



Important Notes

File Validation

  • Make sure your CSV file is valid. Remember to use double quotes (") if a value contains a comma to avoid invalidating the file.
  • Make sure there is no spaces before or after the commas separating the columns

✔️Correct: Spring2019,referrer,1

❌Wrong: Spring2019, referrer, 1

File Format

Always create a file using UTF-8 encoding.

Coupons in Email Messages

You can use freely the coupons into the email messages, both subject and body. Make sure you use the following variable:


To denote the coupon value.

NOTE: Be careful when you insert variables and add format to them. The variable should be whole as a string in the HTML in order to be replaced properly. Spaces or HTML elements like <span> in between the characters will prevent value replacing.


Keep note that if there are no available coupons to be used, and the referrer or the referred email contents require a coupon, the campaign will not be displayed at all.

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