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Subscribing to Events



e-satisfaction system records events for a set of actions that are happening inside. As a user, you can subscribe to events and get notifications for them as they happen.


Different events are being triggered based on the action and the entity that is involved. You can check all the events that you can subscribe to by visiting the "Settings" section in your User Profile Page:

Open the Notification Settings and check the Event Subscriptions:


All the events are separated in categories according to the entity type they are connected to. You should be able to see all events that are about Applications by simply clicking on the "Application" category:

As you can see, you are subscribed by default to all events in the Web Channel and you will receive a Web Notification each time such event is created. However, you can choose which events to receive via Email Channel.

During registration you are subscribed automatically to the following events on the Email Channel:

  • Trigger Subscribed Monitor
  • Organization Plan Expired
  • Organization Plan Renewed
  • Organization Plan is about to Expire
  • Organization Plan Credits Expired
  • Organization Plan Payment Failed
  • Application Plan Expired
  • Application Plan Renewed
  • Application Plan is about to Expire
  • Application Plan Credits Expired
  • Application Plan Payment Failed
  • Refer Coupons are over

Although subscriptions are necessary for receiving a notification, you don't receive notifications about everything in the e-satisfaction Platform.

Watching Entities

You receive notifications only for a specific set of entities, the ones that you are interested in and you watch. Read more about Watching Entities.

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