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Watching Entities



e-satisfaction trigger events so that users can get notifications about them in real time. However, users do not receive notifications for all events, but they can choose the set of entities (Applications, Organizations etc.) that they wish to watch and get notifications only for those.

Watching Entities

In another article we have described how you can Subscribe to Events and get notifications about them, in both Web and Email channels.

However, you should choose only the entities that interest you and receive notifications about those.

Watch an Entity

You can watch and un-watch an entity on demand using the e-satisfaction dashboard. The entities that a user can watch are the following, same as the event categories:

  • Organization
  • Application
  • Campaign
  • Questionnaire
  • Monitor
  • User (itself)

Most of the entities have a page for themselves and you can easily watch them by turning on the switch on the bottom of the left sidebar:

There are other entities, like the Monitors, that you can watch using the switch on the list item itself:

As the dashboard is expanding to host new functionalities, you might find new watching buttons on new entities.

Watch by Default

When a user is using the dashboard, at some point they might have to create new entities like Applications, Organizations, Campaigns etc.

The user watches by default the entities they create. The user also watches itself by default in order to get notifications about anything that is happening on their account.

You can always un-watch the entities you create by turning off the switch mentioned previously.

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