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e-satisfaction has a set of features available in the platform, either for free or for on a price. You can setup a Pricing Plan to start receiving responses and see more advanced features in the dashboard.

Trial Plan

Whenever you create a new Application, it is created with a trial Plan. This trial Plan is 1 month in duration, includes all the features of the platform and contains 100 credits.

You can cancel at anytime this trial plan and start your own.

Plan Duration

Plans can be of 2 durations:

  • Once Off (no expiration)
  • Monthly

Once Off Plans

Once Off plans have the advantage of getting a big amount of credits at a lower price, according to the price scale. And your card will be charged only once, during the purchase of the plan.

Monthly Plans

Monthly plans have 1 month duration and renew their credits at the start of each month.

Monthly plans are not suitable for purchasing big amount of credits (according to your traffic of course) but they are very flexible in cancelling the plan at any moment.

NOTE: At the start of each month, when a plan is renewed, the credits reset to the original amount. Any remaining credits expire are lost.

Current Plan

At the "Plan" section in the Application Profile, you should be able to see your Current Plan information including credits per day, expiration dates and limits:


You can see the following information:

  • Plan Duration
  • Remaining Credits
  • Whether it will be renewed
  • Manage Plan Credits
  • Manage Plan Features
  • Cancel Plan

Cancel your Plan

You can cancel your plan at any moment. This simply mean that the plan will not be renewed at the scheduled date. e-satisfaction will allow you to use your remaining plan time.

If, however, you wish to cancel your plan in order to set a new one, check the Change Your Plan section.

Change Your Plan

In both cases, you can setup a new plan by checking the "Change Your Plan" panel in the Plan Section:


From the above panel you can customize your plan based on your preferences by setting exactly how many credits and features you need. At the same time, the embedded price calculator will display your plan price on the right column.

Changing your plan is not something you will do everyday and it can be tricky. You can create a new Plan for your application which can:

  • Be applied once this plan is over
  • Be applied immediately, canceling your current plan

By default, a new plan is applied when the current plan is over. But you can enable the following option, to apply the current plan immediately:


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