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Payment Settings



You can set your Payment Settings on Application level by visiting the "Payments Settings" Section on the Application Page:


Billing Info

You can setup your Billing Information to let e-satisfaction know all the information for creating the payment invoices. Simply check the "Billing" panel in the Payment Settings section:


Payment Method

You can setup your Payment Method so that you can activate recurring payments for your monthly plans. Simply check the "Payment Method" panel in the Payment Settings section:


Setup Payment Method

You can setup only one payment method at the moment. Simply click on the "Setup Payment Method" button and this dialog will appear:


Payment Handler

No card data are stored in the e-satisfaction data centers. Instead, we are using external providers to securely store the credit data.

The Payment Provider we are using is EveryPay.

Payment History

You can check the history of your payments in the last panel. Simply check the "Payment History" panel in the Payment Settings section:


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