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Data Retention



Data Retention is the process of eliminating sensitive data from the e-satisfaction stored data to avoid unwanted access.

To avoid deleting data, which will result in breaking data connection and might set your data useless, we have a process of anonymization.


Instead of deleting the data, we transform them, using an one-way hash function, to a non-readable value. This way we both eliminate sensitive data and you keep your data connected.

Setup Data Retention

You can setup your Application-level Data Retention on the Settings section, on the Data Retention Panel:


How Long

You can choose to anonymize data based on their age. By activating the Anonymize feature, you should be able to select, in months, the age of the data to be anonymized:


You can choose one of the pre-defined values or set a custom value in months:


Data Anonymization

We anonymize data based on their settings. The Data Retention setting in the Application is the master switch that controls all the following:

  • Queue Items
  • Metadata Values
  • Campaign Data

Queue Items

Queue items that are older than the selected time period (by time updated) will anonymized.

NOTE: Only the responder_channel_identifier field will be anonymized.

Metadata Values

Metadata values that have the anonymized option enabled and belong to questionnaire instances order than the selected time period (by time updated) will be anonymized.

Campaign Data

The Campaigns that collect data (Callback Request, Refer a Friend) have an extra setting to enable or disable data retention:


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