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Data Bridge is not working



You might have activated your Data Bridge but you don't see any Queue items in your list. Check the following sections to see how you can find your problem.


Step 1: Check Logs

As described in the Add Queue Items: Data Bridge, you should be able to see your log of executions. Check for log records and errors.

You can force retrieve data at any moment to see how the file is loading.

Step 2: Check your firewall settings

You might want to check our IPs for Firewall Whitelist and activate these IPs before trying to access the remote server.

Step 3: Check your file contents

You might see logs with successful messages but no items in the queue. You might want to check your file structure.

Common Log Errors

These are common errors that can occur when executing the bridge:

Error Message Description
Cannot connect to server A connection cannot be established with the server. Try connecting to the server manually or check our IPs for Firewall Whitelist.
No file was found to load or file was empty We could not locate the file in the remote server. Check your file path and your variable usage, if any.
Could not read remote file path: ftp_fget(): User not allow Check your user credentials and the user permissions on the given file. Try connecting to the server manually and check if you have read access to the file.

Contact Us

If the problem persists, Submit a Request and we will address it as soon as possible.

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