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About Template Questionnaires



This article includes a description of Template Questionnaires and how these work in combination with an Application's Questionnaires.


The unique feature of e-satisfaction is that it provides a set of Template Questionnaires as a ready-to-go Questionnaires for a set of business types.

Business Types

Based on the needs of our customers, we have created two Business Types:


Along with the Template Questionnaires, each Business Type includes a set of Flow Transitions to help your Application work using an entire Customer Journey.

Updates from Template

Template Questionnaires are maintained by e-satisfaction in order to:

  1. Offer the best experience to the end-users
  2. Include all the necessary information that you need for your business
  3. Make sure you have a good response rate

We keep our Templates up-to-date with updates now and then in the structure, translations and schema. If you notice any changes to your Questionnaires, it's a Template Questionnaire Update.

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