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In a previous article we explained how Queues work as Asynchronous Messaging Lists.

To be able to send queue items through different channels (Email, SMS etc.) with different messages, you will have to create different Pipelines.


Pipeline is a handler that is responsible for sending the messages to the end-users. You can find them in the Questionnaire Distribution section, in the Messaging tab:

Create a New Pipeline

Creating a new pipeline has the following steps (you can examine each step in a different article):

  1. Choose Channel
  2. Setup Messaging Provider, if not set yet
  3. Setup Content
  4. Setup Targeting
  5. Set a Title

Pipeline Tracking

After creating your Pipeline, you can also Setup Tracking to track your emails on different Marketing Campaigns.

Multiple Pipelines

Your Questionnaire can have as many multiple pipelines as you need. Different Queue items will be assigned to different pipelines and each one of them will work independently.

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