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Edit Queue Items: Bulk



Instead of editing one queue item at a time, you can delete and edit more than one items.

Step 1: Select Some or All Items

On the Queue list you can use the checkbox on the left side to select the items you need or click on the "Select All" button on the bottom of the list:

Step 2: Edit or Delete

After selecting some or all the queue items, click on the button based on your need:

Delete Items

If you click "Delete" you should see a confirmation dialog like the following:

Clicking "Save" the Queue items will permanently be deleted.

Edit Items

If you lick "Edit" you should see the following bulk edit dialog:

With the above status you can:

  • Cancel a set of queue items that are in Pending status
  • Re-schedule some queue items to be sent either in the future or closer to now
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