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Messaging Queues: Tracking



Messaging Queues send messages, via Email, SMS or other supported channels, to the end users. For Email channel, you can track the emails sent using the Application Messaging Services separately.

Messaging Services 

When configuring Moosend or Contact Pigeon Messaging Services, you can set custom campaign ids. These ids are the default campaign ids used for all emails sent from e-satisfaction

Messaging Queue Tracking

By clicking on the Messaging Queue settings and choosing the "Tracking" Tab, you should see the following form:


You can set your campaign id at the above input and set all Pipeline emails to be recorded in the selected campaign.

Where to find the campaign id

e-satisfaction supports extra campaign ids for Moosend and Contact Pigeon. You should be able to get these ids from the Moosend and Contact Pigeon dashboards accordingly.


If you have a sub-account in either of the above services, ask your master account for the campaign id.

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