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An Image Display campaign will help you advertise an offer to your customers.

Image Display displays a simple clickable image to allow view the content and click on it:

Content - Basic Settings

You can edit the campaign content by selecting the "Content" section on the left sidebar:


Upload any image you think it's best for your users.

You can upload a separate image for mobile in case you want to be more friendly to your users visiting from a mobile device.

If you skip uploading mobile image, keep in mind that all the visuals are mobile responsive, but to ensure that the text message and the dimensions of the visuals would not be affected by the mobile device we suggest to create visuals with the following:

  • Suggested dimensions: 600x450px (height x width)
  • Suggested size: 150 KB 
  • Supported image types: png, jpg, gif

Target Url

Allow the users to click on the image and go to a different page to check what you are offering. Type in your target url in the form field accordingly.

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