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e-satisfaction has a built-in Notification System that allows their users to get notified about events that occur in e-satisfaction, both in the Dashboard and in the Questionnaires.


In order for a user to receive notifications, there are 3 steps that have to take:

  1. Setup an email for notifications (optional)
  2. Subscribe to Events to get notifications for
  3. Watch the Entities to get notifications for

Setup an email for Notifications (optional)

You can receive notifications from e-satisfaction through two channels:

  • Web Channel
  • Email Channel

Web Notifications are enabled by default and you receive them for any entity you watch. You should get notified using the icon on the top navigation bar:

Email Notifications are not enabled and you have to setup an email before subscribing to events and watching entities. To do so, visit your User Profile Page on the dashboard and click on the "Settings" section:

In the "Notification Settings" you should be able to setup your email for receiving the notifications. It will be your registration email by default:

Subscribing to Events

Read more about Subscribing to Events.

Watching Entities

Read more about Watching Entities.

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