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The e-satisfaction dashboard allows users to set up alerts in order to be notified as soon as specific events occur. For instance, it is possible for users to receive an alert as soon as a customer testifies of a negative experience on a questionnaire; In turn, this allows for users to take immediate action and be on top of the situation.

The Alerts section can be accessed through the left panel of the dashboard by clicking on Alerts.


The Alert menu allows users to determine which events they want to be notified of and to keep track of the status of their alerts.

Enabling Notifications

In order to be notified when an event is triggered, follow the steps below:

  1. Activate the email Alerts through the banner on top of the Events panel.

  2. Activate the Receive Alerts option next to each of the Events you want to be notified about.

The alert will then be sent out as an email to the email address set up by the user in the following format:



Alert Dashboard

  1. Filtering

    The alert page offers users the possibility to view all alerts in a central dashboard and to filter them out them by status, event or time period.Screenshot_2020-11-26_at_12.34.56.png
  2. Customize the view

    While all available information regarding an alert instance can be reviewed by clicking on the Details icon on the right side of each Alert instance, it is possible for users to choose the type of information readily displayed in the dashboard, and to edit it by clicking on the cog on the upper-right part of the panel.


  3. Resolution

    Users have the ability to use the dashboard in order to keep track of the actions undertaken for each alert. For instance, it is possible for users to update the status of each Alert from Open to Resolved. However, the Alert dashboard also offers the possibility to create custom Resolution statuses depending on each user’s needs.
  4. Leave your notes

    Lastly, it is possible for users to leave a note next to an alert in order to add complementary information to it by clicking on the Note icon on the right side of each Alert instance.




Existing notes will be displayed as blue icons.



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