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Alerts are very useful to trigger events and receive notifications. When an event is activated, a new alert is created. You should see all alerts in the same section, in the panel below:


Receive Notifications

To receive notifications for your Events, make sure you:

  1. Activate alerts you wish to get notified about
  2. Subscribe to the Trigger Subscribed Event 

Read more about Subscribing to Events and Watching Entities.

The email content should look like this:

You can see in red the values that triggered the monitor.


Alerts can be handled as tickets, whenever a Questionnaire needs your attention. For example you might receive comments when bad responses or comments appear from a user.

After getting an alert, a user agent is able to mark the instance as resolved by clicking on the "Resolve" button:


After resolving the instance, you should be able to see it along with the resolution time:


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