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Email Service: SMTP



You can setup your e-satisfaction account to send emails through SMTP.


Selecting SMTP on the provider will display the following dialog:


Field Description
Sender The email that will be used as sender in the emails.

SMTP hosts.

Either a single hostname or multiple semicolon-delimited hostnames.

You can also specify a different port for each host using this format: [hostname:port].


The port where the host is listening for SMTP requests. Some standard ports are the following:

  • 25
  • 465
  • 587

Default port (if left empty): 25

SMTP Auth Enable this option to use SMTP Authentication. If enabled, Username and Password will be used.
SMTP Secure Define the encryption to use on the SMTP connection.
Username The username for your SMTP account.
Password The password for your SMTP account.

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