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About Plans: Limits



Application Plans have a number of credits that they can consume by getting questionnaire responses. You can limit the amount of responses that you receive on a daily and monthly basis with a few clicks.

Current Plan

At the "Plan" section in the Application Profile, you should be able to see your Current Plan information including credits per day, expiration dates and limits:


Daily and Monthly Limits

You can setup daily and monthly limits for the responses that you receive. You can setup both limits to apply.

  • Daily limit: The amount of responses that you receive per calendar day
  • Monthly limit: The amount of responses that you receive per calendar month

NOTE: Limits are not hard, meaning that if your application has sent messages to your users with an instance questionnaire, users will be able to respond regardless of the limit, instead of denying them access.

You can check the plan limits on the right side of the above panel as follows:


After clicking on the edit button on the right, the following dialog should be displayed (0 = no limit):


Inherited Plans and Limits

Organizations can mark Applications to inherit their pricing plan. This means that credits consumed by each inherited Application will be reduced from the Organization's plan.

When inherited, both Application and Organization limits will apply. This means that if for example an Application has a daily limit of 50 and an Organization has a daily limit of 200, both should apply in order for an Application questionnaire to be displayed to a user.

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