Enabling Customer Centricity

Active Sessions



A user can login to the e-satisfaction dashboard multiple times from different devices, either desktop or mobile.

Each time a user is logged in, a session is created along with an access token, they are called "Active Sessions".

Active Sessions

Each user can see their active sessions from the user profile, under the section "Settings":


You should be able to see, for each session, the following:

  • When it was created
  • The browser
  • The IP

Current Session

The list item marked as "Current Session" is the current session of the user and it's different for each device.

Log out of all Sessions

If you are not sure when and by whom all the other sessions were created, you can click on the "Log out of all sessions" button and will delete all other sessions except from the current one.

NOTE: If you share your account with other users, they might loose their working copy.

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