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e-satisfaction Users as the entities that have access to the Organizations and the Applications of the dashboard.

Basic Info

Each user should be able to set and edit all the following basic information:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Display Name
  • Email
  • Language


To be able to login to the e-satisfaction Dashboard, you will need:

  • Registration email
  • Password

both of which you can setup during registration.

2-Factor Authentication

You can enable 2-Factor Authentication at any moment from your user settings in the dashboard. Simply select "Multi-Factor Authentication" at the login type:


Invite a user

There are cases where you need to invite a new user to your Application or Organization. To be able to do that, go to "Users" section in your Application or Organization Profile page and click on the button "Add User":


And the following dialog will appear:


Type in the user's email, an optional name and a set of user-roles for your Application or Organization (roles might differ for Organizations and Applications).

It is required to select at least one role before adding the user to your Application or Organization.

Email exists in the system

If the given email exists in the e-satisfaction system, the user will simply receive an email alert notifying him/her that access to a new Application or Organization has been granted.

Email does not exist in the system

If the given email does not exits in the e-satisfaction system, a new user with the given email will be created and a reset-password email will be sent to the user so that they can set their password and start using the e-satisfaction dashboard.

NOTE: The invited user will not be able to register their email because the user has been invited already. Simply click on "Forgot Password" and set a new password.

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