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About Plans: Features



As we discussed About Plans in a previous article, you can add features to your plan as you go at any moment in time.


Each plan can have a set of pre-defined features offered by the platform:

Feature Description
SMS You can send messages through e-satisfaction SMS channel provider.
Custom Look n Feel

You can customize the look and feel of your questionnaire, including the following:

  • Your own logo
  • Your own background color or image
Custom Questionnaires and Flows You can create your own custom questionnaires and modify the existing template flows to create your own customer flow journeys.

Adding a feature

You can add features to your plan at any moment by visiting the "Plan" section in the Application or Organization profile page and clicking on the "Manage Features" button in the "Current Plan" panel:


The above dialog allows you to buy the features you need.

NOTE: The current price of the feature(s) is calculated by the amount of credits currently remaining in your plan. The final price might be different (less) if credits have been reduced in between. 

Removing a feature

At the current implementation, you can only add features but not remove them from the plan.

To remove a feature, you have to Change your Plan.

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