Enabling Customer Centricity

Alerts Panel - Customer Recovery





In the alerts panel, there is already the Recovery button

When our user clicks on the button there are 2 options:

A) There is a Recovery sequence for the questionnaire that has a new alert, so the user is able to Send a recovery questionnaire




B) There is no active sequence for the questionnaire that has a new alert




In case our user clicks "send":

a) a success message is displayed and


b) the recovery button automatically becomes green


c) The user can click again on the recovery button and view the status of the recovery item



If the recovery queue item has unsuccessful status (Failed, Frequency cap, Quota limit, etc) the user will be able to resend the queue item.



d) the user can click on the instance details icon and view the details of the recovery item, along with the responses if the consumer has submitted the recovery questionnairerecovery_item_details.PNG

e) Our user can also view the responses to the Recovery questionnaires, by visiting the Recovery questionnaire's chart page


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