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Cancel pending queue items with CSV file upload



You can manually cancel multiple queue items at once using the Import CSV functionality for each Messaging Queue.

In this article, you can check the steps you need to follow in order to implement this process.

Use case

Your e-shop may have some canceled orders. What you should do is to collect the transaction ids of those orders, choose in Step 1 the metadata Transaction ID and import a CSV file with a list of the transaction ids of the orders you wish to cancel the sending of the questionnaire.

Import CSV to Cancel Pending queue items

Step 1: 

Clicking on the "Cancel" button on the messaging queue panel, you should see the following dialog:



Step 2: Select the metadata name based on which you will search and cancel the queue items

The metadata could be anything identifying the pending items that are in your messaging queue and you wish not to deliver the questionnaire.


Important: In the metadata list, you will find all the available metadata that exists in your application. In order to successfully find and cancel the pending items, you should choose metadata that you can see they have values in your queue items. To find those metadata, go to your messaging queue and click on the "Item Details" button.



Step 3: Import the CSV file

Open a notebook or an excel file and place the metadata values (for example the transaction ids of canceled orders, or the email of the unsubscribed customers, etc) like this. Save the file as .csv and your are good to go!


Once the file is successfully uploaded, you will get a Success message which will display the number of queue items that have been canceled.

We will let you know, with a Warning message, if no queue item has been found with the given metadata values.

The canceled queue items will now get a status of "ABORTED" and you will be able to find them in your messaging queue.


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